The journal will accept original manuscripts in the aforesaid areas from the authors. The manuscript should be sent in the following format of MS word (Editable Document) only:

Paper Size:

Letter, 8.5”X 11”; Top Margin: 1.5”; Bottom: 1”; Left: 1.5”; Right: 1.0”; Gutter: 0.0; Gutter Position: Left.

Line spacing:

Single whole paper, Spacing: Before: 0 pt, After: 0 pt.

Font Size:

    Title: 14 pt, Upper and Lower Case , Bold and Centred.

    Author Name (s): 12 pt., Upper and Lower Case, Bold and Centred.

    Affiliation: 10 pt., Upper and Lower Case, Centred.

    Abstract: 9 pt. justify.

    Key Words: 9 pt., Number of keywords 3 to 5.

    Headings: 12 pt., Upper and Lower Case Bold and Left aligned.

    Text: 11 pt., Justify.

    Mathematical Expressions: Using Microsoft Equation 3.0,

              Sizes: Full: 12 pt, Subscript/Superscript: 7 pt,

                          Sub-Subscript/Superscript: 5 pt, Symbol: 18 pt, Sub-Symbol: 12 pt

    Table and Figure Captions: below, 10 point centred, Table text-8 point centred


Arranged in alphabetic order, limited, most relevant to the research work and cited [Cai et al. (2001); Xing and Dugan (2002)] in the paper as APA style i.e.

Journal paper:

Cai, K. Y., Cai, L., Wang, W. D., Yu, Z. Y., & Zhang, D. (2001). On the neural network approach in software reliability modeling. Journal of Systems and Software, 58(1), 47-62.

Xing, L., & Dugan, J. B. (2002). Analysis of generalized phased-mission system reliability, performance, and sensitivity. Reliability, IEEE Transactions on, 51(2), 199-211.

Conference paper:

Reibman, A., & Zaretsky, H. (1990, December). Modeling fault coverage and reliability in a fault-tolerant network. In Global Telecommunications Conference, 1990, and Exhibition.'Communications: Connecting the Future', GLOB.

Book chapter:

Kostyuchenko, Y. V. (2015). Geostatistics and remote sensing for extremes forecasting and disaster risk multiscale analysis. In Numerical Methods for Reliability and Safety Assessment (pp. 439-458). Springer International Publishing.


Cai, K. Y. (2012). Introduction to fuzzy reliability (Vol. 363). Springer Science & Business Media.